Growing Hoya

Some gardeners say that they are the easiest to grow. Yes, you could cultivate them from cuttings but it would take years before they would reward you with a bloom. Hoyas are great as hanging plants. They have thick waxy leaves and the blooms are clusters that are shaped like stars.

They are called shooting stars. If you want lots of flowers, don’t cut or remove the part they came out of because they will continue to bloom from the same spur.

This is how an umbel/cluster looks when the flowers are not yet in full bloom. Pink-white blossoms, with a waxy feel, an umbel produces an average of about 15 to 20 small star-like flowers.
Hoyas can grow very fast and they will wrap around themselves be it a hanging pot or another living plant. They are best planted in a place with very good sunlight.

I love this variegated one, the leaves are somewhat pinkish at the center and they have green hues all around. This plant reminds me of childhood, back when we were growing up in the province, my aunt has lots of these hanging in trellis and I remember we used the flowers for earrings.


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Life starts with a beautiful dream. Life starts in somehow believing that one day you’ll get what you wished and prayed for. Life starts with something you believe you can do and dream about. My entries here are mostly about my journey as a cancer patient, a cancer survivor, a mother, a friend, and about the books I read, places I want to visit and have visited, people I want to meet someday and mostly about the daily grind of simple living. Dreams and Escapes is about having enough faith to go on, the will to live no matter how difficult life may seem sometimes and grateful appreciations of all the things one holds dear. It is about the belief that I could share a little of my journey through writing and writing is an escape for me. When things get a little too hard to bear, I put them into perspective by sharing them here. Dreams and Escapes, why not?

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