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At The Heart of Manila Seedling Bank

It’s been quite a while since I had the opportunity to visit this place. Back when my son, Josef was still learning how to drive, we used to come here just to take a look at the different plants displayed in the many stalls . One time, we found a cacti shop and I  was really, really overjoyed looking at the varieties of cacti  sold at the area.The Manila Seedling Bank is an environmental NGO which was founded in 1977. It’s a seedling producer and over the years so many plant stores have sprouted like mushroom here. I am a member of Green 2000 so I get a little discount when I buy seeds and garden supplies here.
You couldn’t help but admire the different herbs and medicinal plants grown here. There are so many varieties of Basil. Lavender, Mint, Sage, and Lemongrass.

These are Mints of different variety. How  I wish I have all of these in my own little garden.

In one of the stalls we visited, they have Lantana in varied hues, water plants,and  different vines. I was able to buy two pots of blue iris here.

We saw this garden center and I was elated to know that their plants are all labeled. I asked the owner if I could take some shots and she gladly said to go ahead. I promised her I’ll write something about it.

Bing bought a pot of Kampupot, a double layered bloom, this is what we usually know as sampaguita.

Marigold and caladiums mixed with spathiphyllum plants.

Hanging ferns in different varieties and sizes. Wish I could bring all of them home.

We visited Purificacion orchids. These are Phalaenopsis Orchids or simply called Butterfly orchids. They actually cost an arm and a leg and depending on what variety, they can go up as high as P800.00 per pot.
Amaryllis, anyone? They sell them for P150.00 per pot.

These are dwarf sanseverias.  Wow, I have plenty of  these, maybe  I ought to find a buyer someday. hehe…

The pink mums are so beautiful. I would end up with empty wallet if I buy these on a whim.

Mums in pots and in different colors.  So eye-catching!

Saw these beautiful blooms of variegated poinsettia but they were  labeled  “not for sale”.

Mums in wonderful colors.  They are sun-loving plants and they thrive well planted directly in well-irrigated soil.

Don’t you just wish you have these beautiful white Chrysanthemums in your own garden?

Showy plants, aren’t they?   I simply love their different hues.

I forgot the name of this bell-shaped flower, I think they also belong the the family of lilies.

Stargazers, they  are my favorite flowers and it takes quite a while for them to bloom.

The gardener says this is a new breed of petunia, its variegated flowers are simply beautiful.

They call her the Hydrangea lady or is she the Mums Lady?

These are Geraniums, bought a pot for my garden.

Can you see the water fountain here?  Nice, isn’t it?

I’ve been dreaming to buy these since I saw them at Caleruega, so I bought  four pots in different colors.  They are called Celosia.

So can you identify these plants?

Orchids and Lilies

Wow, so many colors of impatiens!

These are horsetail, used to have them in my garden.

Entrance to one of the gardens there.  It reminds me of a Secret Garden, you don’t know what is in store and discovering the place is simply a delight.

Hanging petunias in bloom!

Nice garden seats, how I wish I have one…

Hmm..simply wonderful!

Summer Harvest


In our part of the world, the rainy season has set in, although technically it should still be summer.  It’s only the middle of May now but the past few days, we had monsoon rains and flash floods aside from the recent typhoon Emong which devastated some areas like Pangasinan and other surrounding towns.  Our town Mabini, which is located in the western part of Pangasinan has no electricity yet until now. And no electricity means no supply of water too.  It’s good that in our  house there, they still have this old reliable water pump connected from a concrete well which the family had been using for so many years now.

Here in  the city, the continuous rains for the past several days were beneficial of course  to some of our planted vegetables and perennial and annual plants in our small garden. The hubby made a trellis at the back of the house and planted some vegetables like squash, ampalaya, tomatoes and pechay. It’s always a thrill to see new shoots like this squash bud we saw lately,but you have to cross pollinate it with a male squash flower in order to grow.  He has also planted bonito ampalaya, those seemingly small ampalaya which are normally mixed with other veggies to make our famous pinakbet. Tomatoes are also in abundance although we only have about four tomato shrubs planted alongside some potted pechay.  Our two dwarf kalamansi trees  are bursting with fruits.  And it’s really so nice to grow organic plants like these, you are simply rewarded with fresh produce everytime you need it.

Wheat Grass Juice

Got a taste of this when we went to Frontera Verde Tiendesitas a few months ago. It tasted like grass of course but I didn’t know that it has healing properties and it is now promoted as immune system booster.

Wheat grass refers to grass grown indoors in trays for approximately ten days and is squeezed into fresh juice.  It is used primarily for therapeutic purposes. while the 60 + day old field grown grasses are primarily used for nutritional supplements.  I don’t know how effective this juice is in treating certain ailments but it was recently featured in the program Sweet Life.

According to research, wheat grass juice is 70% chlorophyll and its chemical composition closely resembles hemoglobin.  It is said to heal tissues, help purify the liver, improve blood sugar levels and help flush out accumulated toxins.

Cory Quirino wrote about it in her articles at Philippine Daily Inquirer.