How To Attract Butterflies In Your Garden

There are certain plants that produce nectar which in turn attract butterflies. The brighter the color of the flower, the more it is attractive to these winged creatures. Butterfly pollinates our flowers.

There are four stages of development for a butterfly to become an adult, from an egg, it grows into a caterpillar, then a chrysalis and finally into adult. They need host plants to lay eggs. The question is, what flowers attract the most butterflies?

Butterflies love basking in the heat of the sun. It’s because they are cold-blooded creatures. Many butterflies perch on flowers or leaves when the wind is cooler. They lay themselves flat down and face upwards at the sun so they could get the best exposure. The monarch butterfly lays eggs on milkweeds. These butterfly weed flowers are rich in nectar for many adult butterfly species.

Butterfly weed, scientifically known as Asclepias Tuberosa is one such type of milkweed and is considered a nectar-source of a number of butterfly species. There are other plants that produce nectar some of which thrive in our garden:

Asters Bee balm (Monarda)

Butterfly bush (buddleia davidii)

Asclepias tuberosa (butterfly weed)




Ornamental thistles






Don’t you just love having these wonderful creatures in your garden? I am propagating my butterfly weed plants and hopefully, grow more lantana, marigold, zinnias and pentas. It’s just so sad that I no longer have the orange and yellow cosmos in my garden.



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