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Random Shots at the Garden

Some of the best times in my life are those moments I spend in our small garden, watching things grow, nurturing a newly planted ornamental, waiting for some seeds to sprout or just  waiting  in anticipation for a new shoot to open and reveal its blooms.  I took these shots last January 1, 2010, some kind of a reminder  on what I did the first day of the year.

My Amazon  Lily is in bloom again and I just can’t help but take a shot of the virginal white flowers.  It’s one of those few plants left during the flood.  Take time to smell the flowers, so they say, and this one has a nice scent.

The hubby has to wash with soap  the leaves of these spathiphyllum  after they were drenched by the flood. Surprisingly though , after a few months,  a few shoots of flowers can be seen again. I have a mind to make a list of the plants which are sturdy and can still thrive despite the drenching they got.

The view is nice from here.  Took this shot while trying the new hammock that we bought in Tanay.  I have one or two wind chimes attached to our avocado tree, one of which is made of different shells and this one you see in the picture.

Bing gave these Dendrobiums to me as gifts for Christmas.   The outer petals are in green but they have different shade of dark violet and a little bit of brownish pink at the inner core.

Another shot. Some orchids like this Dendrobium variety are quite easy to grow, but too much water is not good for them. They can thrive for a long time without watering.

My favorite shot, so far!  Trying hard again, experimenting with my camera.  Sometimes, it is really a hit or miss thing but who cares, I do of course!

These are the dwarf variety of ampalaya which the hubby planted a month a go outside our bedroom window, I love to see greens when I wake up in the morning.

The hammock which we bought in Tanay, it’s made of  rattan. Don’t you just love watching the world go by?

Morning scene at the garden, sans the bluegrass which is all gone.

A peek on the outside world.  Just wondering, “what would tomorrow bring?”

Love the fluffy morning clouds dotting the horizon, it’s so peaceful here. Sometimes I ask , “what makes you fascinating and lovely and quite mysterious”?  Whoa, one of these days maybe, I’ll write a poem about one of my favorite subjects, Clouds!

And I call  this small plot the hubby’s territory. There are squash, sweet potato, okra, lots of mustard, tomatoes and pepper to go.

And string beans too, supplying us once a week with fresh veggies.

Mustard grow in vertical masses of leaves called “greens”.

Mixed with my white and light violet Vinca.

Sweet potato vine or what we call kamote tops, good for sinigang.

That’s okra for you.

It’s Aster corner Violet Street, all streets in our subdivision were named after flowers.

Can’t resist another shot……:)

The lone tomato shrub mixed with the veggies….