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Dreams And Escapes


More thoughts to hold. More dreams to realize. And when you see something as lovely as this dainty pink Begonia, you’ll just simply say, “life is beautiful”. Flowers always give you that feeling that life is one long road of lovely surprises.

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Dreams And Escapes

For my friend Elizz who’s wondering what these flowers are called, search no more, your orange blooms are called Crossandra.  Here’s another shot of these lovely blooms.


Feel free to visit my garden blog, there are lots of flower pictures I posted there.

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Morning Scene At The Garden

I’ve always loved taking shots of my garden right after watering them early in the morning. There is always something new to discover and appreciate.  And the quiet touches the soul  – just be! Life is precious.


Look at that,  a promise of sweet jackfruit  in a month or two.


I love the greens, they make me feel alive. Just looking forward to a new day.


What used to be our avocado tree. I remember those years when it was laden with fruits and our neighbors would always ask, ” Are you selling?”


My ever reliable Crossandra, it gives me blooms all year round.


And I love this tiny red hanging vine. Now, don’t ask me what it’s called, I keep forgetting.

Finding Beauty In Simple Things

I ought to post this to my main blog, Dreams and Escapes but I feel I’ve neglected this garden blog lately so I guess, there is no option but to reblog it.

My red-orange Vanda orchid is finally in bloom…hooray! I waited for it for almost three years. I took the challenge of growing it from a small shoot and it rewarded me with these lovely flowers. What could be more fulfilling than seeing such beauty on a beautiful January morning, the first of 2013 at that 🙂