Morning Scene At The Garden

I’ve always loved taking shots of my garden right after watering them early in the morning. There is always something new to discover and appreciate.  And the quiet touches the soul  – just be! Life is precious.


Look at that,  a promise of sweet jackfruit  in a month or two.


I love the greens, they make me feel alive. Just looking forward to a new day.


What used to be our avocado tree. I remember those years when it was laden with fruits and our neighbors would always ask, ” Are you selling?”


My ever reliable Crossandra, it gives me blooms all year round.


And I love this tiny red hanging vine. Now, don’t ask me what it’s called, I keep forgetting.

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About arlene

It's been some years since I started this blog. Supposedly, it was only to share my plight as a cancer patient and survivor but over the years it has somehow evolved into something personal about my life and my family. So really glad to have met you all wonderful people out there. Someone commented once that he liked the title of this blog, Dreams and Escapes. Dream on, there are more things in life than we really think. Be happy, you only live once. Sometimes you also need an escape from the vicissitudes of life and this blog helps me cope. Welcome. Feel free to leave your comments, I do welcome them.

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