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Dreams And Escapes

With the temperature reaching  to  as high as  34°C here in Metro Manila, it’s definitely the start of summer days. Surprisingly though, it’s  still a bit cool at night with a light breeze to  enjoy the  evening. What comes to mind when summer comes are flowers blooming everywhere. Some plants definitely love the sun and it is a joy to always discover something new.  Here’s the second set of the pictures I took of my blooming lilies. It’s one of my favorites among the three varieties of lilies I have in my small garden – the white, dainty and sweet-scented Amazon Lily. It has Hosta-like leaves and prefers partial shade.  It blooms twice or thrice a year.




I spend part of the morning here watering, digging, weeding or just watching the world go by while having  a hot  cup of black coffee.  And it is a reading nook as…

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Dreams And Escapes

Before you say I am obsessed, I really am.  I love documenting every bloom in my small garden. My three varieties of lilies are in bloom again, will take shots of the orange ones and the Amazon lilies in a few days.  It’s almost summer now and the few perennials I have in my garden are showing off. Call them Lirio, Bakong, or Pink-striped trumpet lily, these are bulb plants that are so easy to propagate. Put them in partial shade when they are newly planted and let them enjoy the sun all year-long after the bulbs have grown.







Oh, it was a four-day love affair with my camera and these lovely pink blooms.

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Dreams And Escapes

Two weeks ago, I took  pictures of  my Hoya flowers still in buds. They are blooming now. I just want to share with you my favorite flowers when I was a child. Back in our ancestral home in the province, my aunt and mom used to have this hanging in every window. Just like my gardenia that evokes memories of childhood, I always look forward to these Hoya flowers every year.






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Dreams And Escapes


And it’s worth all the time I stayed under the heat of the sun and the early mornings I have to water them.  I wonder though why they call this Shanghai Beauty.

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