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And I Call It Gardenia

Dreams And Escapes

Every year, I am gifted with the heady scent of a gardenia bloom. The previous years, I was  just so happy seeing one or two, three at the most blooming all at once. This year though, they bloomed early and almost every tip of my gardenia shrub has buds. I can’t resist making a flower arrangement. These are flowers of my childhood,  mom used to grow them lined at the walkway going to our front door.






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Dreams And Escapes



I planted three cuttings of  the Shanghai Beauty shrub three weeks ago  in a  plastic pot and I was surprised when instead of producing small leaves, the end tip of one cutting  has tender buds about to bloom and the two remaining ones are thriving nicely under the heat of the sun. When you are rewarded by something like this, gardening becomes more addicting, for want of a better word.

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After A Day’s Work

Dreams And Escapes


….the calm and quiet

after a day’s work

loving the smell of newly trimmed

carabao grass

and seeing the repotted plants

lining up the wall

a hot cup of peppermint tea

and chocolate cookies.

another perfect day

despite the hard work.

being a gardener has its rewards…..


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