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Fresh Garden Pick

Dreams And Escapes


Yeay, I had a grand time picking these fresh calamansi (it’s Philippine lime for you guys) from our two fruit trees which I planted when we moved here eighteen years ago (that’s how long we’ve been staying here in this place). They never stop flowering and giving us these fruits all year round but this is the first time  (I guess) that I harvested this much. They weigh almost two kilos. Calamansi has many uses in the Philippine kitchen – it is a perfect morning drink, an immune system booster, a perfect marinade for meats or even fish and poultry.

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My Pink Angel

Dreams And Escapes



I bought a pot of this Pink Angel years ago. When it stopped flowering, I planted some cuttings in two small pots but it took so long for it to show those lovely pink blooms, that is,  until  now. It’s a sort of vine and shrub combined. I never knew its exact name  because I could not find such similar blooms on the net. It’s a Pink Angel, the vendor told me, so be it!

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What’s In A Garden (Part 2)

I can’t believe it’s only 9:30am. I’ve been awake since 4am  and it feels like the hours seem longer and stretching to boredom so I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of our small garden.  I love  the uniform length of the  newly cut carabao grass.  It’s been a while since I updated this blog.


I must admit it’s hard sometimes to trim those Fukien tea plants and make a perfect round shape out of them.



That jar is almost as old as I am.  A gift from an old aunt in the  province.



These are my prayer plants.  Its leaves fold at night and unfold early in the morning.  Prayer plants need light but they should be put in partial shade.




This is my lone Gardenia shrub.  It has several buds in almost every tip ready to unfurl.


My dainty pink Begonia.


This is called Sagilala or more commonly known as San Francisco plant/Buenavista. This shrub is perfect as border and it is so easy to grow from cuttings.


It’s a cheese plant. The first time I’ve seen this in our garden in Pangasinan, I thought the leaves were cut into several shapes but that’s the way they look.


My African Rose. It blooms all year round.


My Ruellia plants in colors of white, purple and pink. They are also known as wild Petunia.