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Queen Of The Garden

Queen of the garden

Her name is Kuchi, a Japanese Spitz and she’s been with us for the last three or four years. I could not exactly remember the date, she was just given by a friend and neighbor to us. She romps with our two other dogs but sometimes lords it over the garden. She has a snow-white coat and I love her tail, a rich fringe of long hair and curled over the back.

Considering her size, she can disturb the whole neighborhood when she barks.

Roses, Always Roses


My youngest brother is such a thoughtful soul. He called me up from Tulsa, OK at exactly 12am yesterday just to greet me a happy birthday. We talked for almost an hour. Yes we could stay talking that long about anything under the sun but it is always about our family mostly. The funny thing is, he is such a funny guy too. Laughter is not far behind when we are on the phone so many miles from each other.

He filled my phone with 59 birthday greetings, can you believe? We laughed and I asked him, “did you count?” It is one unforgettable birthday, turning 59, that is!

And yes, he sent me this lovely photo of the roses growing in their garden. How nice!

Capturing A Moment


Life’s simple pleasures. A brilliant green Taro leaf against the blue sky. A moment captured in a photograph.