Roses, Always Roses


My youngest brother is such a thoughtful soul. He called me up from Tulsa, OK at exactly 12am yesterday just to greet me a happy birthday. We talked for almost an hour. Yes we could stay talking that long about anything under the sun but it is always about our family mostly. The funny thing is, he is such a funny guy too. Laughter is not far behind when we are on the phone so many miles from each other.

He filled my phone with 59 birthday greetings, can you believe? We laughed and I asked him, “did you count?” It is one unforgettable birthday, turning 59, that is!

And yes, he sent me this lovely photo of the roses growing in their garden. How nice!


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About arlene

Life starts with a beautiful dream. Life starts in somehow believing that one day you’ll get what you wished and prayed for. Life starts with something you believe you can do and dream about. My entries here are mostly about my journey as a cancer patient, a cancer survivor, a mother, a friend, and about the books I read, places I want to visit and have visited, people I want to meet someday and mostly about the daily grind of simple living. Dreams and Escapes is about having enough faith to go on, the will to live no matter how difficult life may seem sometimes and grateful appreciations of all the things one holds dear. It is about the belief that I could share a little of my journey through writing and writing is an escape for me. When things get a little too hard to bear, I put them into perspective by sharing them here. Dreams and Escapes, why not?

6 responses to “Roses, Always Roses”

  1. Jeanmiracle says :

    Happy happy birthday Auntie!
    …and He will give the desires of your heart. 🙂
    I’m so proud of you! 💕👍🎂💙💚💜

    • arlene says :

      Ay ang galing, naka access ka! Thanks. Sana subscribe ka dun sa main blog ko. Dreams and Escapes. gusto ko yang mga hearts na yan, just don’t know how to do it 😦

  2. Adrenaline Romance says :

    Great flowers! I have a question though. We planted a few flowers in our new home, but they seem to have withered. From the looks of it, they look as if they’re trying to survive. My mother-in-law said that this is normal as newly planted flowers usually wither and die before the new blossoms emerge. Is she right?

    Here are the things you might need to know:

    1. I’m not sure what’s the name of the plant, but they are small. They have yellow cores and small red petals. They resemble very small sunflowers.
    2. We placed them in plastic pots.
    3. We planted them in commercial garden soil.

    Any info or help is very much appreciated.

    • arlene says :

      did you replant them to new pots? Sometimes, plants need to be acclimatized before they’ll give you wonderful blooms, meaning you have to put them in partial shade first before you remove them from their original pot. I can’t imagine what those flowers are, maybe it is better if you take some pics? It’s not really normal to have newly planted blooms wither and die before you have even enjoyed them.

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