Flowers And Blooms

I’m actually feeling so lazy to blog. I am more excited to read new titles.

This morning, Josef and uprooted  and weeded the grass growing outside our perimeter wall.  Last year, our good neighbor planted some snake plants and they are now producing sprouts. We were able to harvest around six to replant.

Around 2 pm (it was windy) was the perfect time to cut the Pandakaki plants and the Fukien Tea plants. I took more shots. I am posting them here so I won’t need to resize them into smaller photos.

I actually don’t know the name of this plant. A neighbor gave it to me last year as a sapling.  When it flowered it looked like this. And when the flowers matured, they resembled a Celosia flower. Look at the photos below.

Anyone who knows the name of this plant? It is so easy to grow and it has large elongated leaves.

My Blue Ternatea plants are flowering like crazy. I was able to collect dried pods for planting.  A few friends would love to plant Ternatea too. Maybe it really depends on the light. The color changed to purple.

Don’t you just love gardening?


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It's been some years since I started this blog. Supposedly, it was only to share my plight as a cancer patient and survivor but over the years it has somehow evolved into something personal about my life and my family. So really glad to have met you all wonderful people out there. Someone commented once that he liked the title of this blog, Dreams and Escapes. Dream on, there are more things in life than we really think. Be happy, you only live once. Sometimes you also need an escape from the vicissitudes of life and this blog helps me cope. Welcome. Feel free to leave your comments, I do welcome them.

7 responses to “Flowers And Blooms”

  1. derrickjknight says :

    Not bad for a lazy lady 🙂

  2. beetleypete says :

    Nice blooms and colours to brighten a grey, dull day, Arlene.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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