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Quite ashamed. I think it’s been more than a year since I posted here but you can always visit my main blog DREAMS AND ESCAPES (

I am presently enamoured with white flowers. Aside from those I have posted here earlier, I was able to find more blooms yesterday. Here are some plants I haven’t posted here yet.

These are called button flowers, otherwise known as Globe Amaranth and Bachelor’s Button.
My white Ruellia. I used to have only the purple ones but over the years, white and pink sprouted.
Ah, my scented Kamuning. It replaced my dead Gardenia.
Just bought these yesterday, an orange and yellow Cosmos.
Yeay for white button flowers.
It is called Bridal Bouquet and has white flowers too
Snow White. Look at the variagated leaves. They look like flowers of the plant.
Sunshine. What a lovely name for a plant. It bears white flowers too.
Which is more colorful, the orange or yellow Cosmos.

My pink Ruellia. Used it to greet the new month.

There are actually plenty more. Will upload them some other time.

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About arlene

It's been some years since I started this blog. Supposedly, it was only to share my plight as a cancer patient and survivor but over the years it has somehow evolved into something personal about my life and my family. So really glad to have met you all wonderful people out there. Someone commented once that he liked the title of this blog, Dreams and Escapes. Dream on, there are more things in life than we really think. Be happy, you only live once. Sometimes you also need an escape from the vicissitudes of life and this blog helps me cope. Welcome. Feel free to leave your comments, I do welcome them.

20 responses to “Garden Finds”

  1. ivor20 says :

    Yeah… I’m here Arlene, your flowers look fabulous …

  2. beetleypete says :

    Very nice, Arlene. I like the small ‘button flowers’ a lot.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. renxkyoko says :

    It’s a bit hard to have a garden here in the US with four seasons, and as you very well know, nothing grows during winter season. I always feel envious of beautiful gardens with flowers all throughout the year.

    • arlene says :

      My brother brings their potted plants inside the during winter.

      • renxkyoko says :

        Some can be brought in during winter, like bounganville… some perrenials thrive, as long as they are not fully exposed to cold and frost. One thing for sure, there are no flowers…. some will look like they are dead, but when spring comes, you will see teeny weenee bits of leaves sprouting from what looks like dead twigs, lol.

      • arlene says :

        Spring must be so lovely with all those blooms.

      • renxkyoko says :

        Yes, all those daffodils, irises, tulips, etc. in our garden… alas, they’re short- lived. Most of these flowering plants bloom only once , then wither and die.

      • arlene says :

        They are annuals. I wish I could plant those here.

      • renxkyoko says :

        Annuals are extremely coloful. I have hundreds of tulip bulbs planted ( usually in Fall ) then they all sprout and bloom in spring, then die off after a few weeks, all of them, ha ha ha.

      • arlene says :

        Yes, they are. Must bought two pots of Aster and I am reading how to propagate it.

  4. lolaWi says :

    lovely blooms, Arlene! the scented kamuning look divine. never seen white buttons before. they’re pretty. 🙂

  5. Teresa says :

    Beautiful garden Arlene. May ‘green thumb’ ka pala!

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