Archive | October 2022


Finally we’re done trimming the carabao grass and pruning some plants in the process. Except for a few minor works to be done, then everything is okay, maybe until next month. Grass grows slowly though now that it is no longer rainy season.

Josef helped me paint our concrete garden seat. It is now a favorite of some of our dogs while watching us clean the garden. Such a shame.

Our neighbour Jom gave me a few cuttings of dragon fruit. Planted them yesterday at the back of the house where there is a permanent trellis. Hoping they thrive.


Busy Afternoons

I’ve been gardening the past three afternoons, two hours each uprooting stubborn weeds and outlining the area where some plants are planted direct to the soil.

Found some snails 🐌 clinging to the wall and in some of my plants. I guess they choose those they could eat. Found some leaves with holes in them. I couldn’t bring myself the crush them with my foot so I just threw them at the back of the house 🏘. There’s not much of them really but the small ones look so cute. Fancy me admiring those disastrous creatures in the garden.

We only need to trim the carabao grass now and it’s done. I hired one of our maintenance crews at the subdivision yesterday to uproot the weeds and trim our Santan plants🌿 outside. I told her to come back in a month.

To maintain a garden no matter how small is hard.

Another Lab Test

This morning I went back to the satellite clinic of the Medical City hospital for another FBS laboratory test. It’s been like this for the past month and a half – lab, doctor, another lab, doctor until my blood sugar goes back to normal. Thankfully, my creatine and blood pressure are back to normal. I gained 8 pounds since I started with the regimen of new medications more than a month ago. I was worried when I started losing weight. My doctor friend said that at my age, it was not normal.

I’ll be back to my internist on Tuesday once I get the laboratory result. I hope this time, I’ll be allowed to have my cataract operation. PRAYING🙏🙏🙏.

Waiting for the Medical City to open at 8am especially when you have been fasting for the last eight hours is pretty uncomfortable. One needs to go there early so they could extract blood within the time scope. I usually leave the house at 6am, arrive at SM Ortigas at 6:30am. They open the place at 7am so one has another hour of wait. I pray the rosary while waiting. This morning, I finished the Sorrowful and Joyful mysteries, it lessens the boredom of waiting.

Wow, October is finally here and it’s my birth month. Exciting. Looking forward to October 27🥰❤✌