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The Earth Laughs In Flowers

It’s Wednesday. The  sun briefly showed its face this morning then it hid the whole day behind the clouds.  It’s a perfect time for gardening.  I haven’t done any weeding for the last few months but this morning I joined hubby and my son (who’s day-off falls on a weekday) to trim the overgrown carabao grass.  I’ve missed this activity, digging your hands  in the dirt and just  letting time pass slowly while you are busy pulling out stubborn weeds lodged in between the Fukien tea plants.   There is something so soothing and so peaceful  while you are in a garden, a  serenity that you cannot find somewhere else.

The foot path is clearly visible now.    The problem with carabao grass is that you have to trim it at least once every month,  every three weeks at the most or else you’d be left with tangled weeds which looks a little bushy.

Then I found these little flowers growing side by side with our Bromeliads,  Vinca and Yellow Iris.   I actually miss the profusion of flowers here. Everything is almost green now except for this lovely Bougainvillea which we are growing as a shade for  the  grotto.

Then I remember this quote, was it from E.E Cummings, “the earth laughs in flowers.”

My Blooming Bromeliads


Growing bromeliads is quite easy, since it is a low maintenance plant but it will take at  least a couple of years before you’ll be richly rewarded with a terrific bloom.  Bromeliads belongs to the family of monocot flowering plants.

I planted this one in a small pot two years ago.  Since the roots are not too invasive, they can be placed in small containers while growing and they can also be used as indoor plant decors.  The flower spikes dies after about a month and a new shoot of green leaves begin at the roots, that’s the time to transfer it to another pot.