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Welcome To My Tiny Garden

Just done trimming the carabao grass early this morning. A sort of a back-breaking job since it is hard to trim the grass in between the stepping stones.  I took shots of some plants but they were a bit blurred in the early morning.


The front garden with Pandakaki pants, Fukien tea and Kamuning and others I can’t identify.

How come I always forget the name of this plant?

My hanging Ube plant.

My lone guava tree in front of the two jackfruit trees.

Dwarf Snake plants

Ferns and Ti plants


Practicing With My New Camera Phone

It’s been a while, and I mean the last time I updated this site was more than two months ago. I love my new phone camera. So easy to take photos. Tried it again this morning taking photos of plants thriving in the garden.

Fire spike or mottled toothed thread.


When the flowers mature, they would look like  green Celosia.


They are called Golden Candle or shrimp plants.


My Pink Angels but I am sure there is another name for it.


This is where my Gardenia used to be. I miss its lovely and scented blooms.


My Crossandra flowers. They bloom everywhere in the garden.


Bleeding Hearts. Would you believe, the actual flowers are the red ones at the tip.


My Calamansi trees. Can you see the green and light yellow fruits?



Our Wild Garden In Patar (Part 2)

It’s nice to have a sensible  16-megapixel primary camera on your phone that you can use on those point and shoot subjects with a handy and compact phone. The truth is, I haven’t bought a replacement yet for my broken Canon Ixus camera so I am using all the three cameras on my tab and cellphones.

Going home is such a memorable thing. Even if we only stayed there overnight, I was able to visit  those fruit trees some of which I helped Dad plant and nurture when he was still alive. They have a little plot for veggies now. I could no longer identify all the flowering plants growing there.

Not familiar with this flower.

I planned of taking home some shoots of this but I forgot.

When we woke up, our car was already clean. My brother took care of it.

San Francisco? I guess…

This driftwood has been in one corner of the garden since I can remember.

This hammock, spent a few minutes swinging myself here.

Love this bloom but I can’t also identify it.

A mixture of different plants…

Every time we come home, we always have buko juice at the ready.

Healthy and lovely bromeliads.

A white Bougainvillea

Love to have this color in my garden.

Love these double-petaled blooms too.

When I last came home, that street light in front of the house attached to the coconut tree was almost leveled with it. Now the tree is grown.

What’s this again? I’m hopeless.

Took shot of my nephew’s house near our place, a few meters across the road.

Countryside scenery that I’ve missed for so long. I brought home two jackfruits which I will cook later.

Latest Blooms

So I wouldn’t have to adjust these high res shots, I am posting them all here. So glad for the garden visit a while ago.

Pretty, pretty flowers in almost every tip. My dwarf pink Plumeria

My Orange lily. Planted them in several pots at the back of the garden and they are flowering now.

My ever reliable and sturdy Crossandra.

Yellow Shrimp plants. Replanted a few cuttings a few months again and they are now blooming too.

Why do I keep forgetting the name of this plant?

My blue ternatea. It has so many pods and I don’t know what to do with them. I collected the dried ones to give to friends and for future planting.

A Shrimp plant in different color and different shape.

I keep uprooting this one but it keeps on blooming. It is susceptible to aphids.

Ah, this is it. My kadyos (pigeon pea). Finally, I could see the flowers at the tip. It won’t take long before harvest. So excited.

I am nurturing an Orange Bougainvillea but it is taking so long to flower.

And it’s that kind of peace and quiet that you can only find in a garden.



About three weeks ago, I removed the branches of our guava tree because it  has dried it.  All that was left was the main trunk which I cut a little too low.  I thought it was going to die but imagine my surprise when I saw new leaves atop  the main trunk and they look so healthy.

I guess I have to wait a little while before it produces fruits again. Our two jackfruit trees are  showing off. I counted the fruits all in various stages of growth, fifteen in all. Who knows, it might  still bear fruits in the coming days. I took some shots of them.

March 27, 2018E

A few more days and one is ready for harvest. When you are blessed, you truly are.

What’s New?

If this blog could speak, it might probably say, “you left me all alone”.

“I am sorry, I am really sorry. I got carried away updating my main blog I forgot about you.”

Maybe, that would be our conversation early this morning. There was a time when at least I get to update it once a month but being engrossed in updating just one particular blog is truly pathetic.  For one thing, the reason why I created this is to show my garden and my garden blooms, more pictures than words in the process. When you are into a free platform,  there is a limit to everything.  You can’t just upload hi-resolution photos to your heart’s content, they eat up the space allotted to you. hence, this separate blog.

The rainy season has set in and along with it are sometimes drenched plants and over watered pots in one’s garden. I am grateful though that I still see the sun shines every morning although thunderstorms are a daily occurrence now. Unwanted weeds grow by leaps and bounds too. Shame! Every day, I would visit my small garden and look at the plants and the budding flowers which are mostly the lilies now. I noticed my amazon lilies are in bloom again so with my orange lilies and rain lilies in purple and white.  The ruellia never stops flowering. it used to be only in purple shades but now I have it  pale pink and white.

This is an African rose. I used to have lots of it in a corner of my garden but it is too invasive. Last year, I opted to remove it because it was growing wild until a few days ago when I noticed  a bloom on one that was left in the ground before. It produces lovely blooms actually but the stems are full of thorns.  I wonder if I will let it grow wild again.

The sense of fulfillment cannot be quantified when you see tiny shoots and flowers that give color everywhere you look.

I love the smell of newly cut grass and the pearl-like sheen of water droplets every time it rains. How I wish I could capture everything here. And they say that you bury a lot of troubles digging the earth.



The Rewards After

After a few days of a back-breaking job, it’s finally done. I’ve finished trimming the carabao grass and replanting some plants. There is still one corner though that I haven’t touched. I wonder if I could manage to do it alone.  I took a few shots yesterday morning of the Vietnam Rose.

Vietnam rose and prayer plants. One corner of the garden.

Vietnam rose and prayer plants. One corner of the garden.


this is how the flowers look in the early morning...still buds.

This is how the flowers look in the early morning…still buds.


Once the sun shows its face.....

Once the sun shows its face…..


I love all the colors. Planted a red one early this morning.

I love all the colors. Planted a red one early this morning.


In clusters, they look like this....

In clusters, they look like this….


In front of the house, across the street.

In front of the house, across the street.


Single petaled Vietnam rose but equally as beautiful.

Vietnam rose and white Vinca.

The rewards of gardening. When Nature shows its face, you can only smile and say,  “I am blessed”.

Rainy Days And Mondays

I stand guilty! I’ve neglected this blog for quite sometime now and to make up for it, I just re-blog some of my posts from my main blog from time to time. Gosh, it is hard to maintain four blogs at the same time.  You always seem to favor that particular blog where you get visitors and comments. I am not complaining though because I am trying to lessen posting pictures at Dreams and Escapes, I only have 35% more on the allowed limits while this one needs a little lift and update.

Just visited my garden blooms after the rain. It was quite a surprise to see new blooms. I could not resist taking a few shots. It’s been a while since I posted garden pics.

I planted these dainty rain lilies as ground covers in between my rounded Fukien tea plants.  Some are planted in small pots  and they are all in bloom.

I planted these dainty rain lilies as ground covers in between my rounded Fukien tea plants. Some are planted in small pots and they are all in bloom.


Can you see all those buds and flowers? This is my lovely pink Hoya.

Can you see all those buds and flowers? This is my lovely pink Hoya.

Ah, my pink-striped lily ready to show its face. I replanted this just a month ago.

Ah, my pink-striped lily ready to show its face. I replanted this just a month ago.

They add a bit of life to the garden.

They add a bit of life to the garden.

My calamansi tree with the golden candle flower underneath.

My calamansi tree with the golden candle flower underneath.

What’s In A Garden (Part 2)

I can’t believe it’s only 9:30am. I’ve been awake since 4am  and it feels like the hours seem longer and stretching to boredom so I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of our small garden.  I love  the uniform length of the  newly cut carabao grass.  It’s been a while since I updated this blog.


I must admit it’s hard sometimes to trim those Fukien tea plants and make a perfect round shape out of them.



That jar is almost as old as I am.  A gift from an old aunt in the  province.



These are my prayer plants.  Its leaves fold at night and unfold early in the morning.  Prayer plants need light but they should be put in partial shade.




This is my lone Gardenia shrub.  It has several buds in almost every tip ready to unfurl.


My dainty pink Begonia.


This is called Sagilala or more commonly known as San Francisco plant/Buenavista. This shrub is perfect as border and it is so easy to grow from cuttings.


It’s a cheese plant. The first time I’ve seen this in our garden in Pangasinan, I thought the leaves were cut into several shapes but that’s the way they look.


My African Rose. It blooms all year round.


My Ruellia plants in colors of white, purple and pink. They are also known as wild Petunia.


Morning Scene At The Garden

I’ve always loved taking shots of my garden right after watering them early in the morning. There is always something new to discover and appreciate.  And the quiet touches the soul  – just be! Life is precious.


Look at that,  a promise of sweet jackfruit  in a month or two.


I love the greens, they make me feel alive. Just looking forward to a new day.


What used to be our avocado tree. I remember those years when it was laden with fruits and our neighbors would always ask, ” Are you selling?”


My ever reliable Crossandra, it gives me blooms all year round.


And I love this tiny red hanging vine. Now, don’t ask me what it’s called, I keep forgetting.