Summer Harvest


In our part of the world, the rainy season has set in, although technically it should still be summer.  It’s only the middle of May now but the past few days, we had monsoon rains and flash floods aside from the recent typhoon Emong which devastated some areas like Pangasinan and other surrounding towns.  Our town Mabini, which is located in the western part of Pangasinan has no electricity yet until now. And no electricity means no supply of water too.  It’s good that in our  house there, they still have this old reliable water pump connected from a concrete well which the family had been using for so many years now.

Here in  the city, the continuous rains for the past several days were beneficial of course  to some of our planted vegetables and perennial and annual plants in our small garden. The hubby made a trellis at the back of the house and planted some vegetables like squash, ampalaya, tomatoes and pechay. It’s always a thrill to see new shoots like this squash bud we saw lately,but you have to cross pollinate it with a male squash flower in order to grow.  He has also planted bonito ampalaya, those seemingly small ampalaya which are normally mixed with other veggies to make our famous pinakbet. Tomatoes are also in abundance although we only have about four tomato shrubs planted alongside some potted pechay.  Our two dwarf kalamansi trees  are bursting with fruits.  And it’s really so nice to grow organic plants like these, you are simply rewarded with fresh produce everytime you need it.


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Life starts with a beautiful dream. Life starts in somehow believing that one day you’ll get what you wished and prayed for. Life starts with something you believe you can do and dream about. My entries here are mostly about my journey as a cancer patient, a cancer survivor, a mother, a friend, and about the books I read, places I want to visit and have visited, people I want to meet someday and mostly about the daily grind of simple living. Dreams and Escapes is about having enough faith to go on, the will to live no matter how difficult life may seem sometimes and grateful appreciations of all the things one holds dear. It is about the belief that I could share a little of my journey through writing and writing is an escape for me. When things get a little too hard to bear, I put them into perspective by sharing them here. Dreams and Escapes, why not?

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